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How Do You Start in Photography?

This article will be about how you, the beginner, can start in, and learn photography. Below, I listed the sequence of things you should do or learn to guide you in your journey in the field of photography.So how to do you start with photography? Here are the initial steps:Start with the interest. You’re reading this blog, so I guess you’re interested in Photography.Learn the basics. What is photography? What are the basic elements and concepts you need to know to shoot the scenes you want to capture. Basics like ISO, Aperture, Shutter Speed, Composition, Exposure, Depth of Field, Focus, and many more should be the first things you learn.Get a camera. This is common sense. Without a camera, you can’t take pictures. If you’re not yet that committed into this hobby, don’t buy expensive cameras. Heck, just use what you have in your hand: you camera phone. You can already practice composition with it. But if you want to invest on a good camera, go ahead but make sure you have the means to pay for it.Read the manual. Or, as we oldies say, Read the F****** Manual. It’s free, it comes with your camera, and it’s full of answers to your most common questions about your camera.Shoot! Never forget to practice what you learn. By regularly shooting photos, you will be exposed to different fields of photography, like landscape, nature, portraiture, and others. Doing this will also allow you to identify which field you want to focus in.Identify your specialization. The more photos you take, the easier it is to identify which field of photography you want to focus in. If you discover you prefer landscapes over portraits then, learn as much as you can about landscapes. Don’t do wholesale learning where you try to learn every field all at the same time. Once you’ve learned to take good photos in one field, you can try and learn other fields that interests you.Learn from the Masters and the professionals. Most of the time, the best teachers are the ones who have learned and done photography to the level of being called masters. Try to learn from them by studying their works and books they wrote or were written about them. If the person you look up to is still alive, then getting it touch with them will be a better way to know them more. If they offer workshops or courses, attend those. A structured course is better than studying alone.That’s all! Well not really. There are a lot more things you should learn but the tips listed above will guide you well enough that your journey into photography will be fruitful and enjoyable.Happy Shooting!