Top 5 Auto Insurance Companies in the USA

There is a list of top USA car insurance companies: GEICO, Allstate, Infinity, Progressive and Nationwide. Those five car insurance companies are the five pillars of the car insurance market with the largest amount of market shares according to the data collected from 2008 and still they remain the five best companies available for the USA drivers. They all provide great deals for the affordable prices, however each and one of them might offer something more for a specific customer’s needs.GEICOOut of all five of the insurance companies, GEICO insurance company is well-known for its life-long close collaboration with the Military and Veteran community. GEICO does numerous donations, scholarships and assistance programs to those who served or still serve in army. Consequently there are programs and plans for those who have served in USA army, i.e. premium and low-cost car insurance rates for veterans and veteran’s families.AllstateSurprisingly Allstate “takes promises” from teen drivers when offering a cheap auto insurance price. They push strongly onto the market of the teenaged drivers. One can find low-cost car insurance rates and what might appeal to the selected audience, free rewards and games, all considerably increasing the chances of young drivers to turn to Allstate.InfinityThe one distinct feature of the Infinity car insurance company is that the customer can receive his very own agent. That takes the stress away from the customer when a same representative is taking care of one’s claims over years, earning trust and backing the customer up. With the wide choice of low-cost car insurance rates and personalized services, Infinity distinguishes itself out of the others and that makes it one of the top insurance companies.ProgressiveProgressive auto insurance company tends to have a very wide variety of discounts. They change them every now and then, however long term conditions still operate for those who have applied when possible. When taking advantages of those discounts and special deals, customer might benefit tremendously with significant low-cost auto insurance.NationwideApart from the cheap and very competitive auto insurance rates, Nationwide provide extremely convenient services. They have number of facilities where the car can undergo a repair procedure with an option to follow the progress online.Those are top 5 auto insurance companies available for the USA market. The affordability, service level and options of coverage make them best choice for the driver. All the quotes are available 24/7 online, or for any concern their agents will gladly talk you through to satisfy your particular need.

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