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10 Reasons Why You Should Work for Yourself

1. You get paid for what you doThis may sound obvious, however, let me explain. When you work for someone else, you have a number of set hours a week that you are contracted to work and your wage is set, based on the contract you signed. But is this really fair? In some jobs you work more than you have to and also you may undertake a specific piece of work or project that if outsourced to a self-employed person, would cost a load more. In essence, by signing that contract, you are cheap labour.2. You get paid when you are not workingWorking 9-5, you stop work, but the work that you are doing, is still earning the ‘man’ aka the boss, a load of money. You work, so that your boss can become rich. Since becoming self-employed, and I am not mega rich (yet), you can see the potential for the work that you doing, giving you an ongoing income, even when you are asleep!3. You can say ‘stop’ and immediately make changesWhen, and if you are a Manager in a big company, you are never 100% able to make the changes you need to make, to make your part of the business better. There is always someone standing on your shoulders, telling you what you can and cannot do. And no more pointless spreadsheets too! When you work for yourself, you can make immediate decisions and changes if something is not working.4. It makes you braveNot being guaranteed a wage, makes you brave and makes you make brave decisions to help you succeed. No more comfort zone!5. It makes you thinkI could have done my job duties in my permanent job with my eyes closed. In fact, as I knew what I had to do, it probably made me complacent and I probably did the things I had to do, badly!6. You can love what you doI am loving what I am doing! Love it! However the moment I was to stop loving it, at least I could now take steps to think about how else I can keep my self-employed lifestyle going. When you work for a big company, love or loathe your job and its duties, you have to do it anyway!7. You can have your own job titleNot that this really matters, but when you work for yourself you can call yourself what you like! Also, when you are out socialising and someone, who you don’t really know, asks you what you do for a job, its can be quite cool to tell them you are an entrepreneur or author, or whatever you want to be called!8. You can balance your family responsibilitiesNo more rigid working hours. If you have family responsibilities, there is no reason why you cannot be more flexible in where and when you work. This is the one reason I need to practice, before I preach however. After nearly 10 years of commercial ‘man’ working, I still find myself under pressure if I start work late or finish early. But that is the point; working as an employee, makes you feel guilty for wanting freedom. Freedom is not a buzz word that is overly encouraged within the World of full-time employment.9. You have to learn new thingsNo more Marketing department. No more Finance Department. No more Personnel team! You have to carry the can yourself, and this means learning new things constantly. This is a great thing however, as learning helps with creativity, and ‘thinking’. What more could you want! And, how often did your marketing department produce cringe worthy marketing material anyway?!10. Isn’t 9 other reasons enough!!! Working for yourself means you do not need to keep going, just because you said you would!