Travel Tips- Security of Your Home Alone

While heading for a vacation, it is important to ensure the safety of your house in your absence. Take necessary steps and follow travel safety tips for security of your home from thieves, safety of your vehicles, safety of garden/plants and safety of your pets. You should ask someone to collect your incoming mails, newspapers and magazine subscriptions or stop them for a while. You may also consider paying all your bills and dues in advance to avoid inconvenience. If possible, request your friends or relatives to stay at your home for a couple of days and especially in night.Deceiving Thieves while On TravelA programmable electrical timer is a good alternate to mentor. You can program the timer to put on lights and any other equipment at the desired time. Setup the lighting in such a way that there is change in the pattern of lighting and some light can come on and off even in late nights. You may also connect a tape recorder with automatic light system. Feed in some common voices, noise in a tape, and insert it in recorder. Let it play once or twice in a day to insinuate that someone is in the house and it is not deserted.Other home safety travel tipso If you are leaving your home alone, switch off necessary electrical and electronic devices. Some times, you may want to keep your cooler or heater running for maintaining temperature for electronic devices’ safety.o Make sure all water taps are closed. Empty all water storages because by the time you are back, bacteria can germinate in your water storage. Either consume or dispose off all the foodstuffs in your refrigerator.o Double-check the locks, doors and windows before leaving the house. Put the keys in a safe place. You may also inform the police about your departure, so that they do not consider the burglar alarm as a false alarm.Travel Safety Tips for Senior CitizensIf you are leaving behind your old parents, make sure that somebody attends to them regularly. Provide them with a mobile phone and feed one number as hotline and others on the automatic dialing list. Old people often forget the numbers in emergency. You should store enough groceries and non-prescribed medicines so that they do not have to worry about their daily needs. Keep calling them once or twice a day. Let neighbors know about your absence and request them to take care of the old people.

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